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Who should have a revocable living trust?

Simply put, if you own a home, have children, or have no one to legally help you if you become disabled, you need a living trust.

What are the benefits of having a living trust?

  • Avoids probate at death (multiple probates if property is owned outside CA)
  • Prevents the court from taking control of assets when incapacitated
  • Pulls all assets into one plan
  • Assets are handed down to beneficiaries quickly without delay
  • Money can stay in trust until you want beneficiaries to receive
  • Inexpensive compared to thousands that would be spent to clean up estate without a trust
  • Can make changes or revoke at any time
  • Extremely difficult to contest
  • Prevents the court from taking control of assets for children under 18 years
  • Can protect or hold assets for people with special needs
  • Sleep a little better at night knowing you have set up a contingency plan

What documents are included with your living trust?

  • Declaration of family trust
  • Schedule of assets
  • Pour-over will, with "poison pill" built in (deters challenges)
  • Advanced healthcare directive (medical power of attorney) 
  • General durable power of attorney
  • Memorial arrangements directive
  • Gift and personal property assignments
  • Separate "poison pill directive" designed as a handout to reduce/eliminate harassment
  • Abstract of trust (also known as trust certificate, which is a miniature copy of the trust)
  • Property deed (additional charges apply to multiple properties)

How does this all work?

  • Call to set up an appointment in the comfort of your home, or via Zoom, Skype, or teleconference. There is no obligation.
  • A professional will show you a sample of what your trust will look like and will answer your questions.
  • Once your questions are answered and if you feel comfortable and want to proceed, an application will be filled out.
  • A second appointment is set where a professional will deliver, review, and notarize your completed living trust
  • Since we begin the work in the first meeting, half of the payment is due then, and the other half when your trust is delivered. Most of our competitors will ask for full payment upfront.


About Us

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The company's president and founder Michael G. Crupi, M.B.A. has been operating his living trust document service since 2001. The Trust Pros is proud to have maintained the highest service rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB joined in 2005) for nearly 15 years. You can visit the BBB website at www.labbb.org, and type in the business name, The Trust Pros.

Our Mission Statement

Although The Trust Pros’ living trusts were originally formulated by attorneys, the company's mission statement is simple: provide attorney-designed quality living trusts without the attorney fees all while maintaining the highest level of professional service. Our discipline is simple: keep the customer happy so they may tell their friends about us.


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